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Liquid Glamour

Which service is right for you?

There are four levels of nail services to offer those who wish to come on a consistent basis. Custom gel nail enhancement; restoration;lasting gel manicure and manicure/pedicure. It can be confusing, deciding which service to choose. Review the services below to help you compare and select what is best for you.

Custom Gel Nail Enhancement

UV Traditional Gel Nails - This service creates the strong lasting enhancement. You are able to add length. Your color and embelishment options are endless from colored gel to resemble polish enamel; (pink & white) permanent french manicure or original creative hand painted design.

Permanent French Gel Nail Enhancement.
(Custom Pink & White Gel Enhancement)

Gel French Enhancement

Permanent French Gel Nail Enhancement.
(Pink & White Gel Enhancement)

Designer Nails - This service is a gel "plus" nail enhancement custom designed to your needs and interest. Encased artistic embellishments or even a free handed nail art design in gel. Select from the new trend designer shapes: the edge, the stiletto, an elongated almond shape or the traditional square/oval/round. The choice is yours. It is very easy to recreate an entire new look at each visit without "soaking" and starting a full set over.

Floral Designer Nails

Custom Blend Gel Color with Texture with
Original One Stroke Hand Painting Floral Design.

Santa Nails

A red chunky glitter and diamond gel tips has been selected with hand painted Christmas designs for a fun festive flare over the holidays.

Leopard Designer Nails

Sculpted Gel Enhancement with custom color and original hand painted leopard design.

Butterfly/face Enhancement

Sculpted Gel Enhancement with custom glitter gel color fade with original hand painted design.

French with Lilly Design

An artistic version of a standard Pink & White Gel Nail Enhancement has been selected above.
A shimmery glitter pink gel is used with white gel at free edge. A hand painted lily flower for fun on her ring finger.

7 Wks French Rebalance

Same set of nails from above at her 7 week appointment and ready for her rebalance. This demonstrates the longevity and durability of gel nail enhancements.
***Seven weeks is not recommended for a regular rebalance maintenance. Three to four weeks is recommended for regular maintenance.***

Gel Nail Restoration

Gel Nail Restoration - This service is restoration of nails from nail biters to those who have lost a toe nail due to trauma or surgery. The joy it brings people to restore their problem fingernails/toenails is priceless and very rewarding!

Toe Restoration:

Toe Restoration

Nail Biter: 15 year old boy before/after photo

Nail Biter Boy

Lasting Gel Manicure

Lasting Gel Manicure - This service is a "step-up" from a manicure, since it gives your nails a little, extra-added strength and makes your polish last! You can still break nails, however, you won't break as many as you would with a Manicure. This is a great service to help you grow your natural nails and not have to re-polish your nails until your next visit a few weeks later. Please visit Aftercare Advise.


This services allows you to give your natural nails a little extra added strength and allows your polish to last for two weeks, possibly longer! Choose from one of our standard colors or have us custom blend a new color especially for you! After your first consultation, a soak-off gel or buff off gel will be determined which is better suited for your needs. NO CHIPS and ever-lasting shine! It really is amazing!!

Natural Gel Overlay

To avoid seeing the regrowth, either choose a lighter color or come in two weeks for another Lasting Manicure.

Once you try the Lasting Manicure
it will last and last...!


Manicure/Pedicure - This is a service that maintains your natural nails. This service is best for people who have strong, natural nails or those who are not concerned with breaking a nail or growing their nails.

Liquid Glamour

This is a French Manicure with Swarovski Crystals.


*Liquid Glamour protects your safety by providing autoclave sterilization of all metal tools and a new file for every service. Particulate Evacuation Systems are used to prevent dust particles to enter lungs during nail enhancement and some pedicure services. Pedicure chairs are equipped with new ozone technology that sanitizes during pedicures. The ozone generator destroys all pathogenic bacteria. It is a simple and natural alternative to purify water.*

Liquid Glamour